About Us

Our Mission

To redefine Acquirer and Merchant payments and data analytics capabilities, globally.

Our Philosophy – Customer Experience is the starting point, the core tenet of everything we do. We must help our merchants and partners improve the in-store experience they’re able to provide. Building from this foundational philosophy allows us to partner with the merchant on their point of sale, m-commerce, e-commerce and data analytics capabilities, which in turn enables the full 360-degree view of their customers’ experience, extending well beyond in-store transactions.

The Economics – We help our partners and merchants save money and make money. DataMesh economics only arise from this net gain to merchants. We achieve this by removing merchant acquiring costs, enabling lowest cost transaction routing and introducing powerful and actionable insights never previously thought possible. This promotes the ability to surprise and delight the customer, leading to higher basket values, customer retention and leakage reduction.

Problems & Solutions

- Current merchant pain points

Redundancy / Resilience / Restrictions
Legacy payment terminals lack modern networking and communication redundancy. Many banks / acquirers also have financial switches that are rigid and prone to failure. All acquirers offer a limited range of legacy terminals with poor functionality. Acquirers also can’t certify and support a merchant’s choice of terminal hardware for different use cases.

Lack of a single solution across geographies
There is no provider that enables connectivity across multiple geographies with the same solution. Different regions all have different front end solutions, integrations, acquirers, settlement and reporting, making reconciliation a challenge.

Point of Sale (POS) integration
Legacy POS integration is expensive, cumbersome and lacks product level (or SKU level) data.

Using data to drive value creation
Acquirers and card schemes fail to utilize transaction and product level data simultaneously across online and in-store channels to generate insights and drive increases in customer engagement and revenue for merchants.

Alternative payment types and value-added transactions are expensive and not integrated
WeChat Pay, Alipay, fuel cards, digital currencies and loyalty transactions can be expensive and are not integrated into the one device or POS system. DataMesh payment terminals can manage all of these tender types via the one device.

How DataMesh solves these problems

As an independent payment and data processing company, we can provide:

  • resolutions to payment technology issues for a merchant without disrupting existing banking or merchant acquiring relationships,
  • a choice of any EMV-compliant payment hardware to meet specific merchant use cases,
  • full Point of Sale (Electronic Cash Register) integration with SKU & product level data,
  • Data Analytics and valuable customer insights,
  • least cost routing and market leading rates for Chinese QR-based payment types,
  • full redundancy across the entire tech stack to remove outages, and
  • the ability to enable any payment instrument to be accepted.