Cafe Del Mar

Enhancing payments for Café Del Mar – Sydney


Café del Mar were seeking an improved payments solution that would enable them to improve productivity, reduce manual errors and reconciliation issues as well as enabling them to better engage with their customers anywhere in the venue with features such as pay at table, tipping, and surcharging. The DataMesh solution integrated to Oracle Micros was able to do all this and more leaving Café del Mar delighted with their new payments system..

DataMesh Product offering:

  • Latest Android payment terminals integrated to eight Oracle Micros Point of Sale (POS)
  • Pay at Table Functionality to serve customers faster.
  • Full mobile solution to better engage with customers throughout the entire venue and not have to drag them to fixed standalone payment terminals.
  • The ability to pull any cheque number from any terminal whilst not locking the POS to any particular terminal.
  • Enabled surcharging and accurate reporting to reduce reconciliation problems.
  • Enabled Tipping from the payment terminal for a cleaner customer experience.
  • Enabled toggle between Revenue Centres and use any terminal anywhere in the business including restaurant, bar, and terrace areas.

The DataMesh Service included:

  • Full end to end Project Management ensuring the on-boarding process was a success,
  • Upgrading the customer from standalone Tyro terminals to the latest Integrated terminals with Data Mesh,
  • Close collaboration with Oracle Micros to ensure the POS systems were configured correctly to ensure it all worked for the customer,
  • Full installation and integration of 8 terminals including rigorous testing,
  • Onsite training and educating the staff so they were prepared in a live environment including ongoing in person support during the first few days of service,
  • Full evaluation of their network infrastructure and wi-fi coverage,
  • Visual network mapping across all of site, determined potential limitation to network quality and remediation of network issues.

The result of us working with DataMesh is that it has enabled us to run our business more effectively.

Matt Farley
Group Project Co Ordinator
– Café del Mar Australasia