Hotel Rottnest

Enhancing payments for Hotel Rottnest


DataMesh is a Payments Service Provider partnering with NAB to provide merchants with the ability to create their own customer and user payments experiences through technical flexibility, choice, ease of access and rapid deployment.

How can DataMesh solve Hotel Rottnest’s payments Pain Points?

DataMesh provides multiple levels of redundancy built-in:

  • Financial switch level – dual cloud based data centres running active active, providing real-time fail over.
  • Wi-Fi enabled EFTPOS terminals with dual Telco SIM back-up.

H&L (POS) Integration
Seamless integration with your H&L POS:

  • Latest cloud POS to PIN pad integration.
  • Super-fast transaction speeds with no cables attached.
  • One-touch terminal pairing to POS.
  • Provides greater flexibility:
  • 1 to 1 POS to terminal
  • 1 to many or
  • Many to many
  • All this without locking your POS.
  • Enhanced stability, security and performance.

Other features:

Multi-channel view with Mentor

  • Dashboard reporting that helps merchants understand their customers and save time:
    • Manage cash flow with real-time visibility of your incoming revenue for quick and meaningful insights into your business.
    • Understand deeper insights by breaking down your cost base by card types, payment channels and more.
    • Monitor product performance and what drives customers to your hotels.
    • Customer analytics at the product SKU level.
    • Easy reconciliation and cashflow forecasting.

Tokenisation and matched cards for refunds:

  • Our Unify cloud hosted financial switching platform, the most modern and resilient platform available provides for full tokenisation of card payments.
    • Completed in parallel so no addition to transaction times.
    • Major benefit – allows for matched cards for refunds.


  • The payment terminal of the future featuring:
    • The latest android tablet based devices.
    • Additional communications redundancy at a terminal level from wi-fi to dual sim telecommunications capability.
    • Extended battery life.
    • Merchant choice of terminal hardware.MPOS
    • Providing the ability to take payment anywhere within your venue’s.

Future State:

  • Future State:
  • QR code payments.
  • QR code registration via an eftpos terminal.
  • PIN on glass/BYO Payment Device.