My Fast Ferry

Enhancing payments for My FastFerry


My Fast Ferry (MFF), is a wholly owned subsidiary of NRMA which runs the operations of 21 Private ferries in and around Sydney Harbour, providing Transport services to over 4.2 million passengers each year.


The problem:
The existing ticketing solution used a traditional eftpos terminal for credit cards, a handheld PC for Opal cards and a legacy Videlli ERG machine (historically used for bus ticketing) for the My Fast Ferry Smart Card acceptance. These various devices required manual operation by multiple staff and created unnecessary queuing and customer dis-satisfaction.
MFF required a ticketing solution for their passengers that could accept payments of credit and debit cards, OPAL cards and their own My Fast Ferry Smart cards both on the docks around Sydney Harbour and on board the ferries for food, beverage and merchandise.

The solution:
MFF selected the DataMesh Group (DMG) to transform and move their payments and commerce into the future, as the sole terminal provider of credit and debit card, My Fast Ferry Smart Card and Opal card acceptance across the entire fleet.
The transformation includes Multi Lane Unattended Card reading technology at wharves, state of the art android payment devices onboard vessels that supply built in integrated point of sale capability and devices at designated sales offices.
The flexible and enhanced technology provided by DataMesh enables MFF to merge their existing three devices into one seamless touchpoint, significantly reducing the number of devices that sit on their wharves today, improving customer service and throughput whilst enabling a point of reference for consolidated reporting.
The implementation of DMG’s technology greatly increases overall efficiencies, reducing cost and speeding up the travel experience. MFF has seen a considerable increase in transaction speed and throughput of passengers, enabling a seamless My Fast Ferry onboarding experience.


DataMesh is proud to have enabled My Fast Ferry to experience the most innovative payment technologies with our bespoke payment and data processing Transport solutions.