Simplifying the “Boarding” Process For Transportme


Transportme™ is the No. 1 Next Gen Bespoke Software Solution provider across Australia. Transportme™ specialises in Ticketing (cashless/smartcards), Live GPS Tracking, Reporting, Operations Management, Driver Compliance and more with technology that is unparalleled in the marketplace.

The Transportme™ solution is utilised in over 1000 vehicles across Australia and New Zealand and has now become the No.1 solution for Ticketing/SmartCards/Reporting/GPS and Driver Compliance for the Australian Bus Industry.


The problem:
Unfortunately for Transportme™ the existing payment terminal was unable to resolve the ability to provide their bus companies with an all-in-one iPad compatible integrated ticketing payment platform offering the acceptance of Mi Fare Transportme™ Cashless cards and EMV payments.
Transportme™ instead offered a printer for ticketing and payment receipts with a separate device for payment acceptance. This became an expensive starting point for bus companies to purchase hardware and provide an all-in-one ticketing payment solution.

The solution:

  • Transportme™ now offers Bus companies a state-of-the-art integrated Android device capable of accepting multiple integrated ticketing and payment methods e.g., EMV and Mi Fare cards.
  • Transportme™ was able to use the specifications provided by DataMesh to complete a seamless connection of iPad to Android terminal App integration within a week.
  • Transportme™ Bus companies now receive a simplified onboarding experience making sure not to disrupt their business timetables and operations.
  • Transportme™ clients now have access to a pre negotiated, discounted group rate when enabling their Merchant account.
  • This solution has truly simplified the ticketing experience, the simple selection of tap and pay automatically pushes the payment amount to the integrated Android terminal, a passenger simply taps their card, phone, watch or any other payment method against the Android device, payment is instantly completed, and the Driver is ready to take the next fare.
  • Transportme™ clients now also have access to a breakdown of payment types processed through their integrated Android devices. This enables Bus companies to provide simplified reconciliation services within the business and understand deeper demographics about their customer base.

“Working with DataMesh enhances our product offering with the inclusion of state-of-the-art Next Gen Bespoke payment and data solutions.”
– Nigel Tooth, Managing Director, Transportme™

“Transportme™ is delighted to have partnered with the DataMesh Group to continue our journey to stay at No. 1 in providing Next Gen Bespoke Software solutions. Working with DataMesh enhances our product offering with the inclusion of state-of-the-art Next Gen Bespoke payment and data solutions. Our partnership enables the best Driver and Passenger experience within Australia and New Zealand.”
– Nigel Tooth, Managing Director, Transportme™