Revolutionary method for connecting Point of Sale (POS) systems to payment terminals

  • Super fast, Cloud-based integration – no cords attached
  • One-touch terminal pairing to POS
  • Smarter integration, including sharing product level data
  • Integrated to leading POS systems including Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the latest Oracle Opera and Simphony OPI systems
  • Flexible configuration of 1-to-1, 1-to-many or many-to-many
  • Unique integration in weeks not months
  • Dedicated POS integration and Sales Teams. Industry best specialists on staff

Integrated Terminals - The DataMesh POS Vendor integration specifications are open source, not proprietary in nature, which provides the following benefits:

Open Standards

Compatibility with other software solutions and IT systems – POS Vendor development time is dramatically reduced to a 1-2 week timeframe.


Quality & Reliability


Flexibility & Adaptability


Stability & Performance