Dashboard reporting product that helps Merchants understand their customers and saves time

  • A live view into the financial operations of your business.
  • Fully integrated into our Unify switch, Mentor enables merchants to have real time visibility into individual transaction level details, unique customer behaviour, product performance at a SKU level, terminal information and more.
  • Don’t wait until the end of the day, week or even month for access to key business performance indicators – the data presented in Mentor is always real time.

Current Capability

Transaction Level Detail

  • Performance Statistics (e.g. Average Transaction Size, Avg. Transactions per Terminal, Transactions per Hour vs. Previous Day)
  • By Terminal, Store or Company.
  • Individual Transaction Details
  • Filters to search transactions of interests
  • Full context of every single transaction
  • Sales Information
  • Full insight into the sources of transactions (Credit, Debit, Amex, EFTPOS, etc)


Provide access only to the relevant information to the required positions in your business

  • Mentor has the capabilities to show/hide certain info to different user levels (e.g. Area Managers can only see the stores in their region).


Product Data

  • Insights to the Basket Level
  • Best/Worst performing products (by value or volume).
  • Typical product purchase associations (e.g. Milk with Eggs).
  • Benchmarking performance over time.


Customer Insights: Real World Insights which were previously only available to online companies.

  • Measure Loyalty = New vs. Returning Customers
  • Detailed insights into each unique customer token
  • Total transactions/value across your store network
  • Itemised list of previous transactions within your network
  • Customer Segments (e.g. High Value, At Risk of Loss, etc).
  • Benchmarks of this customer vs. the segment.
  • Favourite products, per customer.
  • Favourite stores, per customer


Terminal Insights:

  • Performance Statistics for each Terminal (e.g. Transactions, Dollars, over time and versus previous periods).
  • Monitor Software Versions across your terminal fleet

Future Capability

Terminal Fleet information

  • Real time battery level and notifications of predictive hardware failure.
  • Real time location information (never lose a terminal again).
  • Terminal Performance Insights